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While not a total paranoid, this journal is set to friends only for a variety of reasons, most concerned with avoiding unexpected publicity in the traditional sense. If I know you in real life, or have referred you to the journal, by all means send me an email. I tend to bounce all over the place in my entries and discuss a range of academics including history, literature, American studies, cultural theory, media theory, and most especially, Popular Culture. I am not able to engage in "the scene" as often as I used to, but I still very much consider myself an old school goth, though I am almost as interested in the industrial scene and not at all in the current emo gutter. Last, I am a gamer from way back in the paleolithic period of PnP and lead figures, but I also partake in MMORPG now. My entires refer to all of these interests, though far too often I lament my current geolocation and often aspects of my graduate program.

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Are you playing WoW? (If so, I'm on Kirin Tor. We need a healer.)