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Birthdate:Jan 14
Location:Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States of America
Why are you reading this?
If you know me, then you know far more than I can put in this limited space; odds are good that you even know things that I don't remember. If you don't know me, a lot of what I talk about will have limited context for you. I have many interests and reasons for reading what others post, but far fewer for sharing. My posts include random thoughts, shreds of fiction, scenes out of context, muddy millieau, sometimes bits of theory, history, and academic bitching. My more frequent rants of late tend to focus on my PhD studies/research, including: popularization of science, fear of science, social criticism in science fiction, and cultural studies. I recently attended the International Conference for the fantastic in the Arts and found that what I love, question, and geek about does have a place in academia and, in the greater context, a place in drawing the tough bits from the ribs of modern culture.

As a former Air Force (US) brat, while I've never served, I have lived in Vermont, NY, SC, MD, VA, Iceland and Germany. I most recently lived in Michigan while completing my PhD coursework, but I have returned to Richmond, Virgina and am now working on my dissertation.

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academics, alan moore, alien sex fiend, american literature, animation, anime, anti-establishment, bauhaus, blades, blood, britain, british history, british literature, celtic lore, celtic myth, celtic mythology, civil rights, clan of xymox, coil, comic books, computer games, cons, costuming, counterculture, cruxshadows, current 93, cyberpunk, cynicism, damned, dark fantasy, das ich, dead can dance, deathrock, dystopia, ego likeness, fantasy, fey, fields of the nephilim, folklore, france, freaks, front 242, frontline assembly, gaming, german history, germany, goth, goth music, gothic, gothic music, goths, graduate studies, grant morrison, graphic art, harlan ellison, hellblazer, historical re-enactment, history, horror, horror movies, html, iconoclasts, industrial, industrial music, inkubus sukkubus, interactive literature, iron man, john shirley, joy division, larp, larps, leather, linguistics, literature, lords of acid, lust, medieval, medieval history, ministry, mission uk, monsters, mysteries, mythology, neal stephenson, neil gaiman, new model army, new order, occult, old norse, pagan, pat cadigan, phd, poppy z. brite, popularization of science, project pitchfork, projekt, punk, roger zelazny, roleplaying, roleplaying games, rum, sandman, sci-fi, science and technology, science fiction, scotch, scotch whiskey, sex, sex gang children, sf, sf cons, sidhe, single malt scotch, siouxsie, siouxsie and the banshees, sisters of mercy, skinny puppy, skipp & specter, social revolution, speculative fiction, splatterpunk, storytelling, subculture, swords, tapping the vein, thai food, the cure, this mortal coil, tim powers, tricksters, urban fantasy, urban legends, vampires, vikings, vodka, voltaire, walter jon williams, warren ellis, washington d.c., web page design, werewolves, william gibson, wine, winter, writing, zombies
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